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Hiya everypony!

So I decided it's time to give a little update on the project for those who are interested and are following our progress.

First of all, we have officially entered Phase 2 of the project.
Phase 1 was, more or less, the testing phase. See how my bookbronies are, what's their style, work-morale. I tried to answer questions, clear up a few misunderstandings and make sure everything falls into place.

In this first phase we kinda worked on archiving Nightly Roundups, ATG Alumni art, Imageboard pics and Vectors.
Of course, we didn't just work on these. Meanwhile in the background the comic section, drawfriends, wallpapers, custom ponies, every other material and news are being covered and archived, on a daily basis, so I don't list them seperately.

In Phase 2 the Vector section gets finished, we start working on the Fanfiction and GIF sections and try to do something with the Imageboard folder.
These are the last few big chuncks in the project. Once this is done, the Project reaches beta status and we enter the last phase.

Before we enter Phase 3 I will upload The Book, but exclusively for those who are working / helping with the project, so they can give feedback, toss in some ideas and so on. This will be a raw, "unedited" collection of everything, regardless of permissions granted / withdrawn. This is for ourselves.

I decided to devote the majority of Phase 3 (along with some polishing) for administration, and try to get most of my bookbronies to send out letters and notes regarding permissions.
We will try to reach as many people as possible and in case somepony does not wish to be included, we will remove his/her art in phase 3. Also some major advertising will take place, if everything happens according to our plans :)

Before anyone points out, no, it's not easier to ask first before putting in content. This work requires us to push hard and keep up a fast pace. Since we are downloading everything from the source (well, if there's one) and add tags and credits to everything we can, it's actually easier to remove content later with simple search tags. Don't believe me? Go an make a collection of 57.000 files and we will talk again. Oh yes, that's where are at the moment. 57.000 files. And we aren't even done yet. I predict the final collection will hold around 65.000 - 70.000 files. This fandom is wicked :)

Also, happy happy news, our programmer brony made us a nifty little program that scans through the filenames and creates a list with all the artist names and sources. (Only works for dA, FA and Ponibooru images, due to their 'unique' naming format.) This will make our lives a lot easier :)

So yes, overall we are progressing, working, so no worries, The Book is on its way ;-)

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or some other matter you wish to discuss, don't hesitate to contact us at bigbookofbrony[at]gmail[dot]com.



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Linkbird Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
Happy holidays :)
May I ask what's the progress with the project since it's been a while since your last journal update?
Silver-DT Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
Thank you for the fave. :)
Browny-Flankbook Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fave! ^^
Linkbird Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Hi :) Awesome Project!
One question: I know you will be tagging the art with its creator, but will you be tagging them with the date they were made as well? I'm interested because, like you, I save everything I find, but put it in folders not of its content but when I came across it. I think it would be a neat feature to be able to sort them by date, so when you browse through a folder there aren't huge differences as the show and the fanon progresses, like for example how Luna completely changed in the show and art of her consequently did as well.
Tanto Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Greetings and thank you ^-^
As for dates, I'm pretty sure we wont do that.
Adding an extra twist of categorization by implementing a secondary folder system would be a catastrophy in my opinion. My original idea was to create order in the chaos, but the other extreme would be overcategorization where you simply get lost in the myriads of subfolders. I surely want to avoid that.

Secondly, I'm not sure we could do that even if we wanted now.
In my latest update letter (which I complie every few days and send it to people working on the project) I checked the filecount of some section in The Book and yeah. Even the smallest sections (for example, wallpapers) hold 1500+ files.

In order to add dates to the images we would have to track back individually every single image one by one. We really don't have the capacity to do that with over 40.000 files.

Thirdly, though it could be a nice extra feature, I don't see that much practical use in it.

Besides, though many files are saved days or weeks later they were posted, most of them are saved around the time they were released, so even there might be a few days of differences you can simply set your OS to list images by date, and anyone can surely notice that the new Luna is seperated from the older ones.
Linkbird Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
Thank you for the response:)
If it is difficult to tag them with a date, I wouldn't want you guys to waste that much time for something that's really not that important, just get it out for us to enjoy:)
At first I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal since you mentioned in a post that your programmer was able to read information from the pics taken from deviant art because of the way it tags them, but I checked now and the only info it seems to add is the author.
A few more questions:
What percent of what you guys have is author-less, i.e won't be included in the book. Some very early images that I've taken from EQD aren't tagged with an author, not to mention pony boards.

What is your policy on just random screen caps from the show? Some people use them as wallpapers, other as reaction images, so I'm kinda worried of a cluster of unoriginal work in the folders.

Will you archive news, newspaper articles or TV spots? (like the Colert shout-out and the Fox News Segment)

You mentioned there will be a folder for fan-made pony toys, but do you plan to have one for the official merch as well?

Are you guys updating the book with recently made material daily or are you saving that for later and you're using a cut-off date? (for example 10.10.2011 for the first year)

Keep up the terrific work! I'm really looking forward to the book
Tanto Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
As for date tags, the tremendous work would be rename so many stuff one by one. Also, the program can decypher the author, and based on a given formula, the source link, all these just from the filename.
Though if you check, a downloaded file will have information on when it was downloaded, you can set your folders to list them by date anyways. But if we really would want to be very very precise, we would have to go back to each and every DA and FA page, every single EqD post and check when they were uploaded. Simply too much work.

Now, for the other questions.

Q: What percent of what you guys have is author-less?
A: I can't give a percentage here. Frankly, we have very few images without an author, and those from early days do have sources and authors in most cases, they keep reappearing anyways ^-^

Q: What is your policy on just random screen caps from the show?
A: I do keep a folder in the ImageBoard section called "Clean" which means it's for simple screencaps.
In the wallpaper section there's a folder for Captions as well, ofc those are high quality.
So yes we do inlcude those but heavily seperated from everything else.
Furthermore, we don't include many of them, plus it's a personal thingy. If I see a screencap that just captures a very funy moment, or one that is often used, I keep it. If I run into a low quality pretty neutral screencap, I don't include that.

Q: Will you archive news, newspaper articles or TV spots?
A: Yes. And both of your examples are in the collection, and much, much more.

Q: You mentioned there will be a folder for fan-made pony toys, but do you plan to have one for the official merch as well?
A: Yup. Already done.

Q: Are you guys updating the book with recently made material daily or are you saving that for later and you're using a cut-off date?
A: As of the moment, yes we are updating it with recent content. However there will be a certain point in the future where we will stop adding nnew material to the collection, probably 1-2 weeks before the release.
necrodios Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
Some questions about your project:
What do you plan on doing if you don't receive a response from an artist, or if you are unable to find who the artist of an image is? Will you include or exclude the artist/image?

What if an artist wishes to have some of their work be included, but not all of it? Are you willing to allow every contributor to specify which of their works they do and do not wish to include, so that you may sort through and remove the specified pieces? Or is it an all-or-nothing arrangement?

Where will you be hosting the project once it is finished? Will it be a download site such as megaupload or rapidshare? A torrent? Your own personal website?

What if there are errors in the project, such as mistagged files, misattributed artists, or files that weren't supposed to be included? Will you be willing to fix the errors and then reupload the entire project, or will you just leave it as-is regardless of any problems it may cause?

And, finally for now, do you have a specific standard for quality, or are you accepting every pony work regardless of quality?
Tanto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011

First of all, thanks for showing interest, and indeed good questions.

If we can't find an artist or don't receive a response, we will include the art. That's the most sensitive part of the project, I am aware some don't agree with that, but that's kinda how we will do it.

A few things I'm still pondering about, so not set in stone:
- I am kinda thinking about not adding art where we have source, contact info, we try to reach the artist but get no response.
- On the other hand, if we have no source nor contact info for an artist at all, we will just add his/her art.
- If there's no artist, we will likely not include the image. I want to credit everyone, and even though we will claim no ownership of anything in The Book, it just feels bad to add images without anyone to credit.

Yes, people can specify what they want to be included and what not, and I also make notes of special requests, such as not including art that is actually stealing the work of someone else without copyrighting him/her.
By the end of Phase 2 The Book will be sorta complete and Phase 3 will be mostly about such 'administration', adding/removing according to requests.

Hosting is a good question, we have sort of 2 'ideas' and possibly one offer for direct download, and a torrent is very likely to happen.
The collection will be around 45-47 Gb, we will cut it into smaller pieces for more convenient downloading.

We put a lot of emphasize on crediting people as much as possible in the collection, so there should not be errors regarding that and naturally if someone does not want to be included, their art will be removed.

In case an error occurs, I will reupload the collection. Will be a pain, but it's the fair treatment. However I know I will be attacked by malevolent people in the first days/weeks often, thus to make sure they can't keep the collection down all the time by abusing my promise, I think I will do such "correcting reuploadings" like, every Sunday. I think a weekly time-frame is suitable, good administration-wise as well, to collect complaints and gives downloaders a predictable downtime.
I might shorten this time, depending on traffic and how fast I can reupload, but I definitly don't want to make it longer.

Well, quality is a very subjective thing, but yes we do keep a certain standard. Drawing a pink circle adding 4 pink lines on it and then calling it Pinkie Pie just won't cut it.
There's one exception though, ATG. I like what those folks are doing, so we keep no quality standard there.
Tanto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2011
Re-reading my reply I think I need to specify the first part.

So, the most common case is when we have the artist's name.
- If we can find a source and contact info, we will try to make contact.
- The thing is there are thousands of them out there, and not all are on dA or FA. So I can't promise that we can reach everypony, mostly due to lack of contact info.
- If we have a contact info and receive no response, we will likely not include the art. This is subject to change, will be decided in the coming weeks.
- If there's no source or contact info (there are such images, gonna use TinEye and other methods to try and find a source for such images), art will be added regardless.

Now there might be images where we simply can't find who it belongs to. Noone to credit, no artist. Those I'm fairly sure we won't include.
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